Modern & Spacious

A 4-star luxurious heaven reiterating our commitment of reinterpreting the tradition if hospitality laced with classic elegance & contemporary design

Entrance & Reception

A marvellous lobby with 24x7 fully functional reception area and help desk

45 ultramodern & well furnished AC rooms

A welcoming atmosphere at the lavishly appointed 45 rooms with high-end amenities & exceptional artful balance

Exclusive conference & board room facilities

High-class facilities like projectors, clipboards, dictaphones, quality sound systems & much more for business cum private events as well as corporate meetings to expand your business

Fitness Center

At Eulogia, you are at your home even away from your home, be it the homely environment or your daily fitness routine. Our fitness centre offers a provision of extensive fitness features including all the modern equipments and fitness machines along with fitness experts and consultants.

Mocktail Bar

Eulogia's Mocktail Bar is a refreshment space offering a variety of mocktails and healthy drinks. Drown in into a variety of tongue-tickling beverages.